The Ultimate Movies Tour of Greece



An exciting 12 days journey to the places where famous movies  where filmed.

Athens & Piraeus shots for “Never on Sunday”
Thermopylae shots for “the 300”
Meteora shots for “For your eyes only”
Skopelos shots for “Mama Mia”
Crete shots for “Zorba the Greek”

Day 1 Arrival Athens
Day 2 Athens & Piraeus tour
Day 3 Thermopylae – Volos
Day 4 Meteora tour
Day 5 Sail to Skopelos
Day 6 Skopelos tour
Day 7 Sail to Volos & on to Athens – o/n ferry                to Heraklion
Day 8 Arrival Crete – Heraklion & villages
Day 9 Rethymnon & villages
Day 10 Chania & villages
Day 11 Flight to Athens – Live Greek music                     and dances
Day 12 Depart


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