Meet the Greeks

Meet the Greeks…interaction, not just be in the country

Visiting the ruins, museums, interesting sites or sunny beaches in Greece it is a must. Following the scheduled itinerary and get inspired by almost 3000 years of history and culture, would cover your travel needs. But, what about knowing the real Greek of today! Our unique programs will take you off the beaten path, showing you not only our archaeological marvels. You will have a chat with an elementary school teacher, a priest, a high school student, a pensioner or a civil servant knowing from “first hand” the Greek reality. You will have coffee where the Greeks have, and share a joke with them. Forget about fixed menus. You will have a la carte lunch and dinner in traditional taverns only preferred by Greeks. You will relish your ouzo and mezes by the sea exchanging your ideas with the locals.

At the end of the trip you will have experienced the authentic Greece. The “I lived in Greece” certification is yours!